The Northern Sponsorship Application

A Proud Supporter of our Community Since 1919!

We're committed to Prince George and surrounding communities. We support many local non-profit organizations and annually contribute in excess of $35,000.

Applications for sponsorship are accepted throughout the year, but applications received by April 1st will be given priority. Applications must be submitted at least one (1) month prior to the event to be eligible for consideration. We will endeavor to respond to applications within 2 weeks of submission.

The Northern recognizes its role as a good corporate citizen and endeavors to make its contributions within an established framework. We receive many outstanding requests for support and carefully consider every application, measuring it against the criteria listed below.

Corporate Giving Criteria

  • Special consideration is given to organizations supporting our youth.
  • We do not buy advertising in programmes, year books, etc; or support adult teams.
  • Clubs / Organizations requesting assistance are acting in the interest of the communities in our area.
  • Clubs / Organizations requesting assistance are making the community a better place for all citizens.
  • While we very much appreciate the value of Education in our community, unfortunately because of the numbers, we cannot provide assistance to schools, parent advisory boards or school sports teams. If we did one, we would feel obligated to all.
  • The Northern will fulfill the obligations of corporate responsibility and good Citizenship.

Not all criteria will apply to each request; they are listed as a means of establishing a framework within which corporate giving can be realistically accomplished. As a result no project or opportunity will be automatically eliminated because it does not neatly fit the proposed criteria.

At no time does a contribution necessarily establish a precedent for future giving by the company.

Please download an application and submit it by:

  • Fax: (250) 563-1699
  • Drop off: 1386 3rd Avenue, Prince George BC