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Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

Original receipts are required for cash refunds. We will gladly accept any regularly stocked merchandise for refund or exchange or have it repaired on the manufacturer's directions within 30 days of purchase. Simply return the product to us in its original packaging, accompanied by the bill of sale.

Returns not accompanied by the original receipt may be exchanged for other merchandise at the discretion of the Home Dealer. The value of the returned merchandise without a receipt will be based on our lowest selling price. You may be asked for identification when returning product without a receipt. Your Home Dealer reserves the right to limit or refuse returns of certain products without the original receipt. Exchange receipts are not considered original receipts.


Rebates are generally offered on special product deals with the Home Hardware flyers or with the Home Magazine specials.  For more information on cash back offers visit  Home Expressionsand Home at Home Hardware.