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Mirrors, lamps, vases...  express yourself!

You'll find a huge selection of accessories at The Northern! Unique products will add character and charm, and each choice will a reflect particular taste and personality. 

Come see our collection of traditional, modern, or impressionistic art pieces, in sizes that make a small statement or large enough for a dramatic wall. Mirrors are also attractive additions to any wall in the home - in an entry foyer, an oval mirror with a polished hardwood frame is both beautiful and practical.

You'll find floor rugs by Capel Rugs that suit any room and any taste. 

Lamps set the mood in any room, whether traditional soft lighting or a more clean and modern style is desired. Floor lamps or table lamps in a variety of finishes are on display amongst the furniture in our showroom.

For accents we have vases, metal candle holders, wall plaques and tin artwork to name a few items. For a little touch of nature, we also have indoor fountains, greenery and beautiful plant pots. 

At The Northern, you can have fun mixing and matching while you search for home furnishings!