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Home Hardware PaintEveryone wants to customize their surroundings to make their home or work environment reflect their personality. With the DIY home decorating trend on the rise, come to a place that can offer you expertise and service.

The Northern carries only one line of paint: premium, Beauti-Tone. Finish your renovation project with bold purples and oranges, bright greens and trendy reds, as well as traditional pastels and neutrals. Latex, enamels or alkyd, Beauti Tone paints are guaranteed to withstand Northern living, inside and out.

At The Northern we can custom match any colour using MatchRite colour matching technology by X-Rite. Bring in your colour sample that you want matched and in minutes we will have it custom tinted.  Samples can range from draperies, carpet, fabric and yes of course competitors colour chips.

Using HomeWorks software digital technology you can apply images of actual products to a picture of your interior, exterior or blueprint. From paint and flooring to windows and doors, this software is a complete digital library of over 2500 of Home's supported and available products. See the full potential of your renovations before you lift a hammer!

Specialty products are part of Northern Hardware's paint department. There's ceiling paint and concrete floor paint as well as Tremclad rust paint, stains, oils and water seal coatings. You'll find everything to get your reno-project done, from brushes and rollers to tape and paint thinner. 


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