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Helping you keep things spic and span

The Northern is the one-stop shop for cleaning. From buckets and mops to all the usual cleaners and detergents, Northern Hardware has the cleaning front covered!

Choose Rubbermade mops, buckets, and brooms, or we've got Vileda replaceable cloth-mops. The Argosheen carpet cleaning system has been relied upon by households and businesses for 40 years and is guaranteed to get the dirt out. Our cleaning section features Natura environmentally safe cleaners. We also carry other environmentally friendly products like Borax, OxiBoost, Pink Solution and Simple Green as well as some of the more familiar name brands.

The Northern is known as the place where you can find those hard-to-put-your-hands-on specialty products that can be tough to find, such as Mother's Choice, Countertop Magic, Cabinet Magic, Gel Gloss, Iron Out, OxiClean and minwax! 

Whether  you're buffing, polishing, scrubbing or scraping you will find effective solutions in The Northern's cleaning department at the back of the store.


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