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Green Products

Choosing to make a difference

As we all make our choices to leave a smaller footprint on the environment, The Northern is conscious of providing the kinds of products that may help in that journey. 

We carry EarthCare products  that are energy efficient, biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, nontoxic, organic, manufactured from recycled material or help to conserve water. This includes a selection of natura cleaning products that will allow you to avoid  introducing harmful chemicals into the environment. Other nontoxic cleaning products include Pink Solution and Simple Green.

You will also find a selection of organic potting soils for your plants, and organic fertilizers, pesticides and weed control products  to help your garden and lawn grow healthy. Composters are available to help in waste reduction efforts, as are push lawnmowers and rain barrels for those interested in conservation.

For that 'other' season, we stock organic ice melter to keep walkways and steps safe.

When it comes to conservation in your home, you may wish to install programmable thermostats, electrical timers or purchase a Coframo ecofan for your wood heat distribution. We also have everyday items such as LED lights, wind up flashlights and travel mugs!