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Horse and Tack

Yes, we've got farm animal supplies!

The Northern has been helping people take care of their horses since horses were a part of everyday life. Northern staff are well versed in the traditional products, as well as the new lines.

Blankets, saddles, bits and bridles, brushes, everything necessary for the well-cared-for stallion or draft horse is here. There's a large selection of gear from Western Rawhide, Canada's own premier manufacturer, including their fine saddle models.  The Northern also features Aaron Martin harnesses and halters and other fine products, from this fine Canadian company. We can even set you up with a carriage with the outfit to match!

When it comes to maintenance you can find manure forks and other tools, as well as all practical to fencing, including Red Snap'r electric fence supplies, livestrand wire, insulators and ground rods.

Farming supplies are always available for when you need them. We have poultry and rabbit feeders, waterers and brood lamps. For larger stock, you'll find livestock waterers and buckets, stock tank de-icers, salt licks, as well as all the necessary horse care products.


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