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Winter Products

We know winter - and we've got you covered

The Northern knows winter well, and you will find products throughout the store to make living a little easier at this time of year. 

We stock Toro snow blowers, and have a selection from smaller electric models to the larger models for deeper and heavier jobs. Our Hardware dept. is fully stocked with all shapes and sizes of snow shovels by Garant.

Our outdoor aisles stock windshield washer fluid, antifreeze, ice melter products, ice scrapers and other such items. We have bird feeders and a variety of seeds for helping our feathered friends make it through till spring.  The work clothes area you will find warm work gloves and boots.

For walking in icy conditions, we stock YakTrax, and other brands for simple and effective winter walking traction.

In the pet department, we have electric pet dishes so water doesn't freeze, warm blankets and kennels. 

For winter fun, we always have tobaggans - whether you prefer the racy plastic ones, or the more traditional wooden designs - you will find them on the main floor near the stairs. Snowshoes for adults and children are downstairs, along with warm hats and gloves for outdoor activity. We also have curling brooms and other gear for the game. 

Studded bike tires can be found downstairs in our bike department. 


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